Membership Information

You can help ECDO in reaching its aims by your active participation in the organization as a member. The main aims of the European Cell Death Organization are

  • To share information on current developments in the field of cell death research
  • To facilitate scientific links between and among the participating laboratories
  • To assist the mobility of students and researches between institutions (within and across national borders)
  • To form interest groups in relation to various topics of cell death research


The ECDO membership is an annual membership, running form January till December and needs to be renewed yearly. All members are registered members, meaning they have the right to vote in the General Assembly (besides the advantages mentioned below). This General Assembly is usually held during the annual Euroconference. ECDO membership offers the following benefits

  • Reduced registration fees to the ECDO Euroconferences and the ICDS Conferences.
  • As in 2020, a free online subscription to the 'Apoptosis' (Springer Science) journal is offered to ECDO members in 2021.


The regular membership fee is 60 euro for one year and 100 euro for 2 years. The student membership fee is 30 euro for one year and 50 euro for 2 years. A copy of the current year student card is requested for student memberships.

To become a member, please fill in the online membership form and arrange for the payment.

Fees should preferably be paid before May 31.